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We Aim to Create a Comfortable and Educational First Dental Visit

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Everyone loves to feel good about themselves, and it shows in our appearance. Even a subtle change in your smile can help you project a self-confident image and increase your self-esteem. With today’s advances in dental materials and techniques, our office can make a difference in your smile. The skills, experience, and personal dedication of our practice can redesign your smile and improve your outlook on life.

  • Your First Visit - Adult

    Your first experience in our office is the most valuable time that you will spend with us. During this visit, we will begin our lifelong journey together by taking time to get to know you and your family while discussing with you your personal goals and visions in regards to dental health. The adult reservation will be for approximately one and one-half hours. During this time, we will do the following:

    • Tour the office
    • Review all medical and dental histories
    • Take appropriate radiographs
    • Take and review an intra-oral camera tour of your mouth
    • Complete an oral cancer screening
    • Complete a tempro-mandibular joint (TMJ) evaluation
    • Complete a periodontal evaluation
    • Perform an intra-oral exam.

    After we have completed these procedures, we will review the information gathered with you. Together we will decide on the course of treatment that will best serve your individual dental goals and visions.

    We will not be performing a dental prophylaxis (dental cleaning) during this initial reservation. At the completion of your first visit, we will schedule all future reservations. It is extremely important for us to evaluate each patient and their individual needs and desires before rendering any treatment.

  • Your First Visit - Child

    Our goal with children is for them to have a great experience in a caring and fun environment. We begin seeing children at age three. For younger children, this appointment is approximately thirty minutes long, while for older children we will need an hour. Parents are always welcome to come into our treatment rooms to observe and participate in their children’s dental care. With children, we have found the most effective method for them to grow to enjoy the dental care they receive is to allow them to progress and accept treatment at their own pace. As a result, we choose not to take a forceful approach when dealing with our youngest patients. During a child’s first visit, the hygienist will do the following:

    • Take necessary radiographs
    • Perform dental prophylaxis (dental cleaning)
    • Perform fluoride treatment, if desired
    • Instruct in proper oral hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing.

    After the hygienist has completed her treatment, the doctor will then come in and perform the following:

    • Complete full intra-oral exam
    • Assess potential need for orthodontic intervention
    • Reinforce proper oral hygiene practices if needed
    • Discuss with child and parent any findings and questions.

    As with our adult patients, at the completion of the initial visit, reservations will be made for any future treatment needed. Children will then be invited to pick a prize from the prize box to reinforce the positive experience they have enjoyed to this point in their visit. We strive to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for children such that they look forward to coming back to our office.

  • The Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene

    Preventive Care

    One particular point of emphasis in our office is helping you understand the causes of dental decay and preventive measures that you can take to help avoid the formation of decay. We will use dietary counseling, videos, and demonstrations to instruct you in these methods of preventing decay. We will also use fluoride treatments and sealants as additional techniques to help deter the development of decay. Preventive care tips:

    • Use proper brushing and flossing practices.
    • Limit acidic/sugary beverages.
    • Eat nutritious meals and snacks.
    • Limit frequency of snacks.

    The Importance of Oral Hygiene

    Oral hygiene is the proper use of toothbrushes, floss, and other related tools to help prevent the buildup of plaque and calculus in your mouth. Each time you eat, the digestive process begins in your mouth through the mechanical action of chewing and the enzymatic breakdown of the food by saliva. As a result of these two processes, a colorless, sticky film forms and adheres to your teeth at the gum line. This film is called plaque. Plaque is full of bacteria that can cause decay and periodontal disease. Proper oral hygiene will remove this plaque from your teeth, helping to prevent decay formation and periodontal disease. Our office places great importance on oral hygiene, and we will take advantage of any opportunity to discuss this with you.

  • Periodontal Disease

    Periodontal disease is a disease of the tissue surrounding your teeth, including gum tissue, bone, and some of the root structure of the tooth. Periodontal disease usually stems from poor oral hygiene, resulting in the build-up of plaque. When plaque is not removed from your teeth within twenty-four hours, that plaque can harden, calcify, and turn into calculus. Both plaque and calculus have bacteria in them that produce toxins that irritate your gums, resulting in red, swollen gum tissues that can bleed easily. The build-up of calculus can cause the recession of gums and bone structure from around the tooth.

    If calculus is left untreated, gum recession and bone loss can progress to the point of tooth loss. Gum recession and bone loss are two symptoms of periodontal disease, and tooth loss is an advanced stage of periodontal disease. Again, our office places great emphasis on the health of your teeth and their surrounding structures. Dr. Futrell and Dr. Reese will take whatever measures necessary to help you correct periodontal disease and maintain or improve the existing health of your mouth.

Dentist in Jacksonville, NC

I would highly recommend Dr. Futrell and Reese for the simple fact that I know that the quality of care that they are going to provide is going to be unsurpassed by any place around here.

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