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Jaw Pain & TMJ Relief With Bite Alignment

Occlusal Adjustment to Restore Proper Functioning of the Jaw

Get TMJ Relief With a Customized Treatment Plan

If you are experiencing jaw pain, earaches, headaches, and other common symptoms of TMJ, you may benefit from a bite alignment (occlusal adjustment) and making some lifestyle changes to restore proper functioning of the jaw. Dr. Stephen Futrell and Dr. Chad Reese are experienced in TMJ treatment in Jacksonville and can put together a customized treatment plan that will address all of your TMJ symptoms.

  • TMJ Symptoms

    Recognizing Symptoms of TMJ

    Many people who tend to clench or grind their teeth when stressed, or those who hold a lot of tension in their neck and shoulders, have TMJ. Any issues related to the jaw joint can affect your quality of life because of ongoing jaw pain and issues related to the nerves and muscles around the neck and shoulders. Recognizing TMJ symptoms early can reduce pain and discomfort.

  • TMJ Treatment

    Bite Adjustment for a Healthier Smile

    In addition to restoring proper bite function, Drs. Futrell and Reese can provide relief from pain and discomfort caused by a misaligned bite. A bite adjustment is a relatively simple and painless process that might involve reshaping some of the teeth and realigning the jaw to ensure the teeth come together properly. We may combine this treatment with tooth restoration procedures and cosmetic dentistry to enhance and improve your smile.

    Occlusal Adjustment for a Better Quality of Life

    Get the TMJ relief you deserve and customized care by scheduling your appointment with Drs. Futrell and Reese. The doctors may recommend a bite adjustment as part of the TMJ treatment plan because a misaligned bite can cause a number of oral health issues, including unnecessary pressure on certain areas of the jaw. Making lifestyle changes, such as breaking a teeth grinding habit (bruxism), reducing stress naturally, and restoring uneven or missing teeth can also reduce jaw pain and improve your quality of life.

Dentist in Jacksonville, NC

They take their job very seriously, and they take their goal - the outcome - very seriously. I've had numerous issues in regards to my bite, and other offices I feel have helped mitigate this issue while Dr. Futrell has solved this issue.

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