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Occlusal Adjustment to Address Symptoms of TMJ

Recognize TMJ Signs and Restore Your Bite

TMJ Signs That Require a Bite Adjustment

A misaligned bite can cause a number of problems with the jaw and trigger ongoing pain in the neck, jaw and upper body. If you notice any TMJ signs, such as a clicking or popping jaw, talk to Dr. Stephen Futrell or Dr. Chad Reese about getting a bite adjustment. An occlusal adjustment may work to restore a misaligned bite and improve overall functioning of the jaw. It is a common treatment option for patients suffering from symptoms of TMJ.

Recognizing symptoms of TMJ or TMD early can help us put together an effective treatment plan. When you have a misaligned bite, there is excessive pressure on one area of the jaw when you bite. Common TMJ symptoms to watch for include:

  • Locked jaw issues
  • Difficulty opening the jaw fully
  • Headaches
  • Earaches
  • Shoulder or neck pain
  • Why Get an Occlusal Adjustment?

    Reasons to Get a Bite Adjustment

    For many patients diagnosed with TMJ, an occlusal adjustment helps in providing relief from jaw pain and restoring proper function of the jaw. If you have a teeth grinding habit (bruxism) and have worn down some of your teeth, we may need to perform advanced tooth restoration procedures to even out your smile, and then perform an occlusal adjustment to ensure everything is aligned properly. Drs. Futrell and Reese will work with you to discuss which options are right for you.

    Effects of an Occlusal Adjustment

    Whether you are getting a bite adjustment to balance out your smile after cosmetic or restorative procedures or to stop the effects of bruxism, this is a relatively simple procedure that may help to improve jaw function and your overall oral health. An occlusal adjustment may also be performed after aggressive therapies and advanced treatments, such as getting dental implants or when undergoing full mouth regeneration procedures.

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